dmxLAN singleSHOT / doubleSHOT



dmxLAN singleSHOT / doubleSHOT

The DLN1SS is an Ethernet to DMX or DMX to Ethernet node fitted on a US 1 gang Decora® front plate, with a choice of either male of female XLR panel socket.
DLN1SS = Single Shot
DLN1SS = Double Shot 1 extra port extension
This simple to use device will either convert one DMX universe from a lighting desk for use with an Ethernet network, or provide one DMX universe from an Ethernet network. The DLN1SS and DLN1DS are fully compatible and programmable using the ELC dmXLAN freeware.

Features include:
Remote programming and monitoring
Remote fixture parameter override
DMX input options (normal or backup)
DMX output options: normal, merging in HTP, LTP, channel custom, priority merging,
Full softpatch (channel by channel), programmable merging with DMX channel control
RDM compatible
Support for WYSIWYG, ESP, Capture